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Tim Rasmussen

Mechanical Engineering

Tim designed and built a security system for a home workshop—to keep the parents out—with his brother, senior EE major Chris.

Tim enjoyed a recent internship working on the next generation of surgical instruments for a an orthopedic surgical device company.

Tim is fascinated by machine design and visualizing how mechanisms work. To him, engineering is applying math and science to make products that improve everyday life.

At Walla Walla University, he gets to work with the rapid prototyping machine, which lets him quickly and easily "print" a 3D plastic model of almost any object he can draw on the computer before creating the final version out of metal in the manufacturing lab.


If you've ever taken something apart to see what made it work, you're already on your way to becoming a Mechanical Engineer (believe it or not, there are people who have never wanted to take apart anything—these people are probably not Mechanical Engineers). MEs are interested in what makes things work. They're interested in how to create devices that will perform certain tasks.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERS DESIGN EVERYTHING FROM 747s TO REFRIGERATORS. They create machines that make our life simpler, more productive, or more interesting. Remember those Mars Rovers that are still wandering around the Red Planet taking photos? You can bet a mechanical engineer or two had a hand in designing them. If regular machines are too big for you, what about microscopic nanomachines? Mechanical engineers do it all.