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Elton Zebron

Electrical Engineering

Elton's just your average guy who was born in Zambia and moved to Botswana when he was 11 and then came to school in the States when he was 17. You know, just your average world-traveling guy. He hopes to use his engineering degree to help his home country.

He doesn't think of himself as a traditional engineer. To take a break from all the left-brain engineering, he sings in an a cappella sextet, plays the piano, or hits the soccer field.

Why Electrical Engineering? He likes the abstractness of concepts you can't visualize but can communicate only with math.

He considers it a blessing to be at Walla Walla University and tries not to take it for granted. That's the kind of attitude that gets him through difficult Signals and Systems exams!


Are you interested in electronics and technology? As an Electrical Engineer, you'd have the opportunity to design electrical devices. Imagine yourself being involved in developing global positioning systems for vehicles or touch-screen technology for laptops. As an EE, you spend your time designing or testing electrical systems, applying theory to reality.

IN THIS DAY AND AGE, IT'S AN EXCITING FIELD FOR A BRAINIAC SUCH AS YOURSELF TO BE IN. A couple of hot technologies right now are alternative power sources such as wind, solar, and geothermic. And someone needs to invent a cell phone battery that lasts longer than a couple of days! If all that sounds interesting, you could be an EE waiting to happen.