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Greg Fong

Electrical Engineering

Somewhere between building a tower out of paper and a bridge out of toothpicks in middle school, Greg realized that he had an aptitude for science and math. But even at a younger age, he was known to build things out of hangers and other items he found on the floor of the department store while his mother shopped.

Together with a classmate, he built an 8-bit microprocessor for his senior project, and plans to build a wireless multi-flash controller in his spare time to help with his favorite hobby, photography. He also enjoys racquetball and is interested in nanotechnology.

Greg likes the lab access he gets as an engineering student, and he likes the small student-to-teacher ratio. While he admits that at times his focus wasn't on his studies, he appreciates that his professors make him work hard but are also there for help and support (he calls it "tough love").


Are you interested in electronics and technology? As an Electrical Engineer, you'd have the opportunity to design electrical devices. Imagine yourself being involved in developing global positioning systems for vehicles or touch-screen technology for laptops. As an EE, you spend your time designing or testing electrical systems, applying theory to reality.

IN THIS DAY AND AGE, IT'S AN EXCITING FIELD FOR A BRAINIAC SUCH AS YOURSELF TO BE IN. A couple of hot technologies right now are alternative power sources such as wind, solar, and geothermic. And someone needs to invent a cell phone battery that lasts longer than a couple of days! If all that sounds interesting, you could be an EE waiting to happen.