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Myriam Prada

Computer Engineering

Myriam is from Venezuela and was almost a business major. No kidding. But she chose engineering because it challenged her more. It's still a toss-up whether she'll go on and get her MBA.

Like many engineers, Myriam likes the idea of making things better. She's fascinated with the evolution of computer processing power, and likes the idea of contributing an improvement or two.

Lately, she's been into computers and flight. She recently completed an internship at Boeing—and for her senior project, she wrote efficient yet ultra–reliable software to allow a microprocessor to transmit data from an unmanned aerial vehicle to a computer on the ground.


CIRCUITS. ROBOTS. SOFTWARE. NETWORKS. As a Computer Engineer, you'll work on some really cool stuff. If you're interested in Electrical Engineering, but want to apply that know–how to computer software and hardware, Computer Engineering may be just right for you.

ANYTHING THAT IS CONTROLLED BY A COMPUTER IS FAIR GAME. If you love computers, or have always dreamed of fabricating your own circuit board (and who hasn't?), you should probably give in to the inevitable and study Computer Engineering.