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Kimmy Christensen

Civil Engineering

Kimmy took engineering because of bridges. She built her first balsa-wood bridge in high school and hasn't looked back since.

She hopes to work on larger bridges some day, which is why she chose Civil Engineering.

For her, engineering is where innovation and problem solving merge.

Her professors have inspired her to reach further than she ever thought possible, yet have been very willing to help her with the challenge.

When she's not poring over her books or working in the lab, she enjoys woodworking, cooking, and crafts.


If you've ever stared at a glass of tapwater and wondered how drinkable water can flow through miles of city pipes and right out of your faucet, you could be a Civil Engineer. In fact, the only reason we have running water at all is because some Civil Engineering-minded people millennia ago put their brains and wills into making it happen.

CEs DEAL WITH ENGINEERING PROBLEMS ON A VAST SCALE. Civil engineers design the infrastructure of modern civilization. They create traffic and subway systems, plan clever ways to care for our natural world and design efficient communities with essential water treatment and supply systems. They design the structural systems of the buildings we live and work in and the bridges over which we travel. Civil engineers also design dams, dikes and canals for flood prevention and drinking water storage. If you want to make a difference for the planet and society in a massive way, consider Civil Engineering.