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What ABET Accreditation Means

Accreditation is key. It means our program upholds stringent quality standards. ABET (www.abet.org) is the recognized accreditor for programs such as ours. Its stamp of approval means you'll get a great education from us.


Interested in our Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Bioengineering? It's not ABET Accredited, and it's not for you if you want to be a professional engineer. But it's a great springboard into postgraduate study if you're planning on a career in bioengineering, medicine, dentistry, public health, or physiology.

(Find out more about Bioengineering on the WWU Website.)


WHICH WAS INVENTED BY A JEWELER NAMED OTTO ROHWEDDER. Where would we be without sliced bread? Thanks to Mr. Rohwedder, we don't have to worry about that question. It's just one example of how people with engineering minds make life better for all of us—whether they're jewelers or musicians.

However, even engineers don't all think the same way. That's why our Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree offers four different engineering concentrations:

Mechanical Engineering

Like machines? Interested in processes? Does combustion light up your life and propulsion get you going? Does power generation energize you? You could be an ME. Read More »

Civil Engineering

Does urban design fascinate you? Do skyscrapers, bridges, and dams amaze you? Do environmental issues perturb you? Have you ever sat in a traffic jam and wondered if there was a better way to route traffic? You might secretly be a CE. Read More »

Electrical Engineering

If you're an abstract thinker and into electronics, you might be an EE. They deal with complex equations, control systems, energy generation and distribution, and a whole lot of other "tions." Read More »

Computer Engineering

Imagine spending all of your time developing, and manufacturing hardware or software systems. If this intrigues you, and if you've ever wanted to design and fabricate your own computer chip, you're definitely a CPE. Read More »